I know in reality we can't be together,
so I just close my eyes and you're right here with me...
in my dreams you're mine forever.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

my DREAM man..

1-He must have a good looking.no need too handsome..just a simple nice guy..got a sweet smile which can make me melt and calm.. :)
2-He is a good listener and doesnt like to talk too much..relax and cool..it's because i'm a talkative person..and also a chaos person :p
3- LOVING person..(It's MUST)
5-not STINGY!!
6-got CARIER
7-very CARING person
8-He has a time to spend with me.
9-willing to share happiness and tears together.(always besides me when i need him)
10-not a BORING person.he must know how to make me happy
12-RESPECT me..
13-MYSTERIOUS person!!I like it :P
14-always put me as the most important person in his life.
15-got a dream to MARRY me :D
16-can protect me no matter in what condition so i can feel safety with him.
17-the MOST IMPORTANT is,he LOVES me more than I do..

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