I know in reality we can't be together,
so I just close my eyes and you're right here with me...
in my dreams you're mine forever.

Friday, September 23, 2011

the things that I really want to reach in the future

Hope i can reach it in the future :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

G.NA - 'Black & White' MV

I really hope i can meet with this type of guy..and own him..he's my DREAM man..

Saturday, August 13, 2011

my DREAM man..

1-He must have a good looking.no need too handsome..just a simple nice guy..got a sweet smile which can make me melt and calm.. :)
2-He is a good listener and doesnt like to talk too much..relax and cool..it's because i'm a talkative person..and also a chaos person :p
3- LOVING person..(It's MUST)
5-not STINGY!!
6-got CARIER
7-very CARING person
8-He has a time to spend with me.
9-willing to share happiness and tears together.(always besides me when i need him)
10-not a BORING person.he must know how to make me happy
12-RESPECT me..
13-MYSTERIOUS person!!I like it :P
14-always put me as the most important person in his life.
15-got a dream to MARRY me :D
16-can protect me no matter in what condition so i can feel safety with him.
17-the MOST IMPORTANT is,he LOVES me more than I do..

Monday, August 8, 2011

love sick

when i miss you, i close my eyes and i can see that person better
i try to forget and erase, but i get reminded of that person more
i told myself a lie thinking that person would come back
that person never said that he will be coming back, but all i can do is wait..

the sin of loving that person a lot, the sin of loving you a lot
because of you, and because of sin, im sick of waiting
the sin of loving you more, the sin of missing you a lot
because of you, and because of sin, im crying with pain..like this.

breaking up is fast, but forgetting is hard
the love is painful, and i am hurt alone
did you have to leave that far away from me?
i should have loved you with all my life, but you forgot me now like a heartless person
i should have loved you with my all, 
but now you live forgetting me
 with all my life, the person that i love
that person only gave me tears and left
the tough love which i was hurt alone

Thursday, August 4, 2011

my "apple" was falling down with raindrops

My APPLE...it's refer to my LOVE..
it was falling down..
what should I do?
I thought I took care it nicely already..
but it fell down with the raindrops..
I'm in pain..I wounded..
I'm crying in the rain..
and nobody knows that I cry..
I hide my tears in the rain..
and keep saying
my "APPLE" was falling down!!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

love is killing me!

you ruin my life. you make me feel hurt. your love is like a knife. i'm hurting a lot.
i realised that i'm not perfect. i know im not like what you want..but i tried my best for you..

you hurt me with your attitude. you didnt realised you hurt me always..
i feel helpless and you never helped me wrap the wound..
but why i still willing to keep this love?
love..you are trying to kill me..!